Since 2006

Creative who, in partnership with idea-makers, develops applications on a human scale.

I deal with understanding how to positively integrate product and services into the lives of all via a design thinking approach.

My work evolves around two main axis

Design systems

Architecturing a system that can wistand the growth of an application throughout it’s life, this is a challenge I’m passionate about. The system main purpose is to structure the information so the user finds his way around, no guidance needed.

Illustration & Icons

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My expertise in both design and front-end engineering, allows me to inject creativity and consistency to hail to the same intention: Create flawless products that impact people live.

Let’s look at the work

UI Architect - @Afelio

Lead the UI initiative. I build design system and then implement them. I teach my team, and help them to improve their game.

Freelance Product Designer

Find solution to client’s problem via a design thinking approach. Currently working on my own products.

Design systems
Rapid prototyping
Responsive design
Mobile design
Digital illustration
Front-end development
Multiplatform solutions
.NET, Java, PHP, NodeJS integration
AngularJS applications
Soft skills
Enhance communication between team members